Baby Monitors Similar to Peteme

Finding the  perfect baby monitor can drive you up a wall.  Peteme is a very popular baby monitor in the  market place now. There are some pros & cons to every baby monitor you see, the goal here is to find you baby monitors similar to Peteme.

What to Look For in a Baby Monitor

Before diving deep into baby monitors similar to Peteme, it’s important to know what the main features of baby monitors are. You’ll start seeing what areas are more important to you, allowing you to narrow down your options very quickly

Wifi Baby Monitors
These types of monitor connect to you existing home internet. Most baby monitors have audio & video capabilities. Add in the ability to monitor through your phone, allows to you view your baby monitor from anywhere!

Video Baby Monitors
These are more secure than wifi. You are essentially giving up the ability to use your monitor from anywhere, to having a more secure connection

Audio Only Baby Monitors
Some parents simply don’t need to see the video, just the ability to hear the audio. These monitors will always be cheaper. Some models even allow you to have a multi pack of monitors

Best Baby Monitor Features

Checking Room Temperature
Some baby monitors will give you the room temperature of the room. Now you might be thinking, why do I need that when I have a thermostat of the house (even one of those smart thermostats). The main benefit here is that it gives you the reading right near where you baby is

Sounds & Motion Sensors
Some baby monitors will provide a noise or a screen to turn on as the baby is making sounds. This is a nice feature for parents

Baby Monitors Similar to Peteme

Take not below of popular baby monitors similar to Peteme.

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