Similar to Lume Deodorant

Similar to Lume Deodorant

When it comes to deodorants, especially post Covid, you are starting to see more and more all natural deodorants hit the market. Lume deodorant has started getting some attention through their clever videos & social media campaigns. But at the end of the day, does Lume deodorant work? What are the Lume deodorant reviews? Finally, what are some deodorants similar to Lume?

Similar to Lume Deodorant

Believe it or not, the all natural deodorant movement has been around for years . Problem has always been it simply doesn’t work. Always needing to reapply, it simply became a hassle. Recently however, the quality and lasting effects of these deodorants has improved dramatically. One of the biggest knock is the price. In the instance of Lume deodorant, you are paying close to 3x the price that you would for a quality deodorant. I get you pay more for all natural ingredients but come on, 3x more. Here are some similar deodorants to Lume that won’t break your pits (and your wallets!).

Native Deodorant Review

Native deodorant is right towards the top of the list when it comes to deodorants similar to Lume. First off is the price. You can get Native on Amazon for about 25% less than you pay for Lume deodorant. While you are still paying more than traditional deodorant, it’s nowhere as high as Lume Deodorant is.

Native deodorant contains all vegan ingredients. In addition to that, it has no aluminum, sulfates or parabens. Here are some of the ingredients that it uses instead to keep you feeling fresh:

Kopari Deodorant Review

What’s interesting about Kopari deodorant is it’s 100% plant basd. Similar to Native, Kopari is free of aluminum, parabens, silicone, and even baking soda. It have a very pleasant scent, which also includes activated charcoal. Charcoal allows your sweat to be absorbed better, allowing this deodorant to to an amazing job in keeping your scent spot on for a longer period of the day. The best deal you’ll find on Kopari is through Amazon as well.

Lume Deodorant Review

I tried it and must say the scent was nice, not too strong, but just enough. 30 minutes after putting it on, I still felt good about it. Thing was by lunch time, it was basically gone. I presume this is the problem with these water based deodorants like Lume. Lume just became another deodorant that didn’t last for me. Unfortunately, I would say this Lume deodorant review will tell you to avoid Lume.