Books Similar to 113 Minutes (BookShots)

Are you interested in finding books similar to 113 Minutes (BookShots) by James Patterson? 113 Minutes (BookShots) can best be described as follows: I know who killed my son.Molly Rourke’s son has been murdered..

Here are some reads you will enjoy,

Books Similar to 113 Minutes (BookShots)

1. The Three Theban Plays: Antigone; Oedipus the King; Oedipus at Colonus by author Sophocles.
Description: The heroic Greek dramas that have moved theatergoers and readers since the fifth century B.C.

2. Euripides I: Alcestis, Medea, The Children of Heracles, Hippolytus (The Complete Greek Tragedies) by author Euripides.
Description: Euripides I contains the plays Alcestis, translated by Richmond Lattimore; Medea, translated by Oliver Taplin; The Children of Heracles, translated by Mark Griffith; and Hippolytus, translated by David Grene.Sixty years ago, the University of Chicago Press undertook a momentous project: a new translation of the Greek tragedies that would be the ultimate resource for teachers, students, and readers.

3. Lysistrata and Other Plays (Penguin Classics) by author Aristophanes.
Description: Three plays by the comedian of Ancient GreeceWriting at the time of political and social crisis in Athens, Aristophanes was an eloquent yet bawdy challenger to the demagogue and the sophist. The Achanians is a plea for peace set against the background of the long war with Sparta.

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