Hand Sanitizers Simliar to Germ-X

Hand Sanitizers Similar to Germ-X

Covid-19 has the world going nuts. With that, you are constantly hearing about shortages of hand sanitizers. With Germ-X being a very popular hand sanitizer next to Purell, getting it in stock is close to impossible. The only place to find it is for $75+ dollars on eBay, which is absolutely insane. As a result, looking to find hand sanitizers similar to Germ-X is a natural desire. In actuality though, there are 1000s of brands of hand sanitizers, that you have never heard of. It all comes down to the alcohol content, which determines the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer. Good luck getting it at Target or Walmart, but finding it online at reasonable prices is not. While Germ-X is a very popular brand, there are tons of similar hand sanitizers to Germ-X that are just as good.

So Where Can I Get Hand Sanitizers Now?

Of course, eBay and Amazon are options. The thing you’ll notice is, you will see hand sanitizer brands that you have never heard of. Always make sure to check the alcohol content & the reviews of course. Another area, believe it or now, is Alibaba express. There will be a delay in shipping, but you will get them. Among those spots, but you will find some hand sanitizers similar to Germ-X that will do wonders.

Are Generic Hand Sanitizers Similar to Germ-X?

Every large store / pharmacy had their own brand of hand sanitizer. Not only were these work, these were also cheaper, really cheap in comparison.. The present day issue is even the generic hand sanitizers aren’t available. One thing you can do, is becoming very friendly with a Walgreens employee. Most of these Walgreens employees get paid slightly above minimum wage anyways. Anything you offer them on the side , as in can you put one on the side for me (hide one for me, text me, you get the drill), will be quite worth the investment. Even if the hand sanitizer is similar to Germ-X, tell them to put it aside for you!

Should I Create My Own Hand Sanitizer?

I’m not a fan of this whatsoever. The risks of doing this wrong can cause some serious side effect.You are seeing tons of do-it-yourself videos of hand sanitizers on Youtube and articles describing how to make your own hand sanitizer. The issue is the horror stories. If you do it incorrectly, you can cause serious burns and dryness to your hands. Meanwhile, you might not even be properly sanitizing your hands. Best best, instead of creating your own hand sanitizer, take a look at hand sanitizers similar to Purell that you never knew existed. These will still do the job, just be sure to do a little research before buying it. If you follow those steps, you can find the hand sanitizer you need without driving yourself crazy! After all, there’s enough madness in the world to add hand sanitizer to the list! PS. soap still does the trick people!