Similar to Benzinga Pro Squawk Service

Similar to Benzinga Squawk Box

When it comes it day trading, saying access to information is key is an understatement. For those traders that trade intra-day or are more of a swing trader, the value of using Benzinga Pro is no brainer. With a ton of Benzinga coupons out there, in combination with their Benzing Pro squawk service, it’s no surprise that many traders love Benzinga. Thing is, don’t think for a second that Benzinga is the only game in town. There are many services that are very similar to Benzinga Pro, but you can’t get hung up on the price. The old saying of you get what you pay for, is crucial here. Don’t assume because a squawk service is 3x more in price than Benzinga that it’s not worth getting. Think about it, all it takes is access to information a couple seconds earlier than other traders and boom, the fee for the service is irrelevant. I always love how traders will risk serious dollars on a trade that has limited upside, but doesn’t want to spend $100 more for a Squawk service that could seriously change their trading game!

Benzinga Squawk Service Review

When it comes to squawk services, Benzinga is one of the best. This Benzinga Squawk service review will tell you that it’s important to be disciplined. You’ll have the urge to want to trade every single piece of news you hear from Benzinga. Thing is, for some trades, by the time you hear it, it will be too late. For others, the Benzinga Squawk service does an amazing job to give you an edge in your trade. The trick, is to know which one is which. Honestly, experience and constant trading will give you that split second edge do know which one is which.

Similar to Benzinga Pro Squawk Service

I’ve tried several squawk services. To say one is better than another purely from price or marketing is a complete waste of time. The only way to truly know if a squawk service is for you is to try it out during a live trading session. Some squawk services will give you a free trial . I highly recommend you have it on during a live trading session WHILE also having on your existing squawk service. You’ll be surprised how drastically different these are, you’ll also start noticing one reporting more junk than another. Remember, just because audio is always coming in, doesn’t mean it’s relevant ! Some services don’t say much, but when it does, it highly relevant and market moving.

For me, I was a fan of News Squawk. Now don’t get me wrong. this is about 3-4x the price of Benzinga. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s 3-4x better than Benzinga. However, it does provide a slight edge to Benzinga. To see if it matches your style of trading, take advantage of their free trial and see if it’s for you.