Similar to Matilda Jane – Update Fall 2020

Similar to Matilda Jane

When it comes to quality baby clothes, very little beats the quality of Matilda Jane. For those of you that have seen or held babies or toddlers in Matilda Jane, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Add in everything going on in the world with Covid, it’s no surprise that what you’re spending money on these days have shifted.  All those being at home days have allowed you to look at clothes differently hasn’t it!

Nowadays, splurging on quality yet not expensive clothes is right back on the list, especially for your special child / children. If you’re interested in additional baby or toddler clothes similar to Matilda Jane, here is that list.

Mustard Pie
Giggle Moon

Similar to Matilda Jane

Parents absolutely love their little girls in Matilda Jane. If there’s a downside to this attire, is the price. Matilda Jane is not cheap!  Not even close. Here are some great alternatives to Matilda Jane.

1.Mustard Pie – Not to be confused with MudPie, the quality of baby and toddler clothing from Mustard Pie is outstanding. If you love Matilda Jane, you’ll absolutely love this.

Mustard Pid

Here is a list of the top 300 Mustard Pie products, many with some insane discounts.

2. Giggle Moon – You are going to either love or hate this boutique baby clothing brand. Their quality is outstanding, pricing can be up there.

Giggle Moon

Here is a list of the top 100 Giggle Moon products, some of which are discounted.

Similar to Matilda Jane
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Similar to Matilda Jane
When it comes to quality baby clothes, very little beats the quality of Matilda Jane. Here is a list of brands similar to Matilda Jane.
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